2016 Olympics Inaugurated With The Biggest Bang!

khai-mac-o_rio_suteWhen Brazil celebrates it’s always loud and colorful. Inauguration of Rio Olympics 2016 was no different. The four-hour opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium witnessed celebration with all sorts of dominant images.
The ceremony included Gisele Bundchen’s catwalk, the exuberant arrival of the Brazilian team, and shocking replacement of Pele with former marathon star Vanderlei de Lima for the lightening of the ceremonial Olympic Torch. Due to poor health condition Pele pulled himself out of the ceremony. The biggest attraction was the Olympic cauldron which was transformed into a golden disco ball after lightening.
Rio faced a lot of turmoil before the ceremony. It was all because of the worries regarding country’s affordability for such a big event. But South America’s first Olympic event is all up to give the world entertainment and possibly it is a revival of a nation.
It was party mode in Maracana Stadium when Dancers, volunteers, and musicians jumped up and down with all the routines and showcased Brazil’s cultural variety. They also showcased their concerns for environmental issues.
There was a brilliant section where Bundchen’s Biplane flew out of the stadium and circled the city’s signature Christ Redeemer statue. The Party didn’t go off without giving loud cheers to the immigrant communities present in Brazil. The parade of 2016 participants has been the most powerful and raging than the parades done in past.
Ceremony’s creative director, Fernando Meirelles gets the entire credit for the most amazing party-mode Olympic inauguration. After such a grand and banging opening, the entire Olympic group is waiting for the real deal- SPORTS!

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