Apply Australian Skilled Immigration Visa through Skill Select

apply Australian Skilled Immigration through Skill SelectDo you want to migrate and work in Australia under the Australia skilled immigration process? Are you not familiar with Australia Immigration process? Well, here you can find the complete details and process of Australia Immigration.

Australia is a top notch immigration destination for the number of skilled individuals who aims for better employment offers and high standard of life. A huge number of people migrate to Australia with an aim to start a new life.

Australia Skilled Immigration:

Immigration to Australia under the skilled immigration programs offers best opportunities for skilled employee to live and work in Australia. Under the Australia general skilled immigration program, overseas skilled individuals can use their work experience, qualifications and language ability to fulfil the Australian immigration requirements for a permanent resident visa. The immigration process uses an assessment tool named as Skill Select, which was introduced in 1st July, 2012. For Australia skilled immigration, overseas individuals must lodge their application through Australia Skill Select.

Australia Skill Select:

Australia Skill Select is the government’s new on line system, which enables skilled employees interested in migrating to Australia to be considered for Australian skilled immigration visa. The government of Australia utilizes the Skill Select system in order to identify overseas skilled employee’s skills that are mostly required in the nation. To being the Australia immigration process under the Australia general skilled immigration program skilled employees need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select. EOI is the sign that shows the applicants interest in lodging a visa application for Australia.

How Australia Skill Select works:

There is a lack of Skilled Professionals in Australia, thus, the country seeks to attract overseas skilled employees to migrate and work in Australia. Skill Select is an on line program that stores the applicants’ data, which has to be considered for the Australia skilled visa. Under the Australia Skill Select system visa processing will be done on the level of priority, next to state sponsored, professions on the skilled immigration list. Applicants are tracked and nominated for Australia skilled immigration either by an employer or territory or state governments or applicants might be invited by the Government of Australia to lodge the visa application.

Selected applicants will get invitation, after which 60 days time is given for the applicants to make a visa application through on line. However, applicants should successfully undergo Australia Skill select Points Calculator in order to migrate to Australia.

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