Apply For USA Visitor Visa to Tour Best Tourism Attractions

usa visit visaDo you have plans to visit USA? Is your purpose of travel is business or sightseeing?  Whatever, if you are an overseas national, you need to obtain a USA Visitor Visa to visit and reside in the country temporarily.

The US is a great place to visit, and if you are the one, who is passionate about traveling, then this nation is perfect to enjoy your vacation. The bright kaleidoscopic views, atmosphere, must-see attractions, overwhelming landscapes and unforgettable natural beauty draw individual’s attention. Every year, a number of individuals from all over the globe visit USA for varied reasons. A non-US citizen who aspires to travel and reside in US must apply and acquire a US specific visa depending on their purpose of visit.

US Visa

Based on individual’s purpose of visit to US, they should obtain and apply for specific visa. In general, there are two types of visas to visit US. If the purpose of visit in on short-term basis like business, pleasure, education, tourism or medical treatment, then they have to apply for a Non-Immigrant or B-1/B-2 visa or US visit visa. If individual’s purpose is to reside permanently in US as a legal resident, then you must apply for an Immigrant visa.

Top USA Attractions

The United State of America is a land of iconic tourist attractions. It is one among the largest and most varied nations across the globe. The country boasts wonderful tourist destinations varying from the skyscrapers of Chicago and New York, the Yellowstone natural wonders and others. Of various must-see tourist attractions, some of the major attractions are:

  • White House
  • Denali National Park
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Florida Keys
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Yellowstone
  • Grand Canyon

However, to travel these amazing attractions an overseas national need to obtain US visitor visa.

Requirements for USA Visitor Visa

USA Visitor Visa allows non-US citizens to enter and reside in the US for a certain period. The following are the some of the requirements of USA Visitor Visa an individual should abide in order to visit US successfully.

  • Valid passport
  • Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160
  • Enough funds
  • Return onwards tickets
  • Sponsorship documents
  • No criminal records

Travel to US makes your vacation really unforgettable. Thus, to experience the attraction of US apply for US visitor visa right now!

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