Australia SkillSelect- Crucial facts you need to Know!

Australia SkillSelectIf you are planning to immigrate to Australia, then you need to know about Australia Skill Select. Here, we have given complete details about Australia Skill Select to let you know complete information about Skill Select.

What is Australia Skill Select?

Australia Skill Select is an online service that assists the country to manage its skilled migration program. The program will make sure that the skilled migration program is based on economic needs of the Australia. Australia Skill Select helps government to manage who can apply for skilled migration, when they can apply and in how numbers they can apply. The process helps to minimize the time taken to process an Australia skilled visa application.

Australia Skill Select           

Australia Skill Select assists to address skill scarcities in regional Australia. The system will permit potential applicants to reside and work in regional Australia.

How Australia Skill Select will work?

Skilled professionals as well as business professionals who wish to immigrate to Australia can be considered for a skilled visa by submitting an Expression of Interest via Skill Select. While expressing your interest, you need to provide certain information related to personal, nominated occupation, work experience, academics, English language skills, skill assessment details related to nominated occupation and business as well as investment experience. Prospective skilled professionals will then be nominated for skilled visas by employers or state or state or territory government or they will be invited to file an application for visa.

How to submit an EOI?

EOI must be submitted online via Australia Skill Select and applicants are not required to pay anything to submit this. At the time of submitting an EOI, you will be shown your points score, but you will not be able to view your ranking position. And, rankings will be altered when people leave and enter Skill Select. Applicants who are planning to apply for a Skilled Independent visa or Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa must have their occupation listed on the current SOL. On the other hand, for all states as well territory nominated visa subclasses, Temporary Work visas and Employer Nomination Scheme visas, your occupation must be listed on the Consolidated Occupation List. If you have submitted your EOI, then it will be stored in Australia Skill Select for a period of two years.

After successful submission of Expression of Interest, you will be able to apply for certain visas. The following are the few visas to which you can apply for:

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled – Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)

Interested applicants can submit their expression of interest through Skill Select.

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