How to get Australia Visit Visa for Indians ?

Australia Visit Visa for Indians 2015Australia is considered as one of the best tourist spot by most of the tourists including Indians due to its beautiful sceneries, rain forests, islands, highly advanced cities and attractive reefs. It is a large island country and continent which attracts most of the tourists through its both natural and man made attractions. Melbourne is one of the most popular cities to visit in Australia.

Australia Visit Visa for Indians

The visitors can find a number of places to visit, explore and enjoy in Australia. In order to visit Australia you should attain an Australia visit visa. If you want to make your holiday trip or visit friends or relatives or to explore the country etc. whatever be the reason you will be grated with the Australia visit visa.

Different types of Australia Visit Visas

Finally, if you have made your decision to visit Australia then depending on the nation and duration of the stay you will need to apply for an Australia visit visa. For example, Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601) is available to the passport holders who want to visit Australia for a short term period of up to three months.

The passport holders of European Union and other European countries can apply for e Visitors (Subclass 651) visa to visit Australia for a period of three months. The individuals who want to stay for three or six or 12-month period can apply for Visitor Visa (Subclass 600).

Australia Visit Visa Requirements

The following are the few requirements to be met by the candidate to apply for the Australia Visit Visa.

  • The applicant must carry a valid passport
  • The candidate must meet character requirements and health requirements
  • He/she should have enough funds to meet their requirements during their stay in the country

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