Austria Red White Red Card: Best Option to Immigrate to Austria

Austria Red white red card requirementsConsidering a move to Austria? Planning to work in overseas nation that offers a lucrative number of employment opportunities? If yes, look no further; migrate to Austria under its popular red white red card visa class. With the rise in demand for skilled workers and an increase in work market needs in the diverse sectors, this vibrant cultured nation has all set to welcome a number of overseas skilled professionals who possess special skills and qualifications and have a strong desire to work for the nation’s economy.

Immigration to Austria

Currently, the country is experiencing a perpetual shortage of skilled workers in various sectors such as manufacturing, social work, construction, health-care and many. And with a strong intention to fill those confronting expertise shortages, the existing government of the nation has all set to provide more number of job opportunities for foreign nations willing to settle and work in Austria. And an overseas applicant who plans for Austria immigration to work in the province has to obtain the respective Red White Red Card of the nation.

Austria Red White Red Card

The federal government of Austria has launched an immigration scheme named as Austria Red White Red Card, with an aim to support qualified overseas workers and their families to obtain Austria Permanent Residence visa based on the labor market eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for Austria Red White Red Card?

Austria Red White Red Card is granted to remote applicants allowing them to reside in the nation for a maximum duration of twelve months. Besides to this, he or she is permitted to settle in the country and employed by a particular employer. This is a point-based system, where credentials of each individual are evaluated and awarded the points. The following individuals are allowed to apply for Red White Red Card:

  • Self-employed key workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage professions
  • A student graduated from the recognized universities of the province
  • Qualified workers

Requirements of Austria Red White Red Card

Eligibility criteria for this special visa class depend on the category from which he or she has come from.

  • Enough funds to support themselves financially during their stay
  • Arranged accommodation
  • Individuals planning to seek the job need to score minimum of 70 points in the test
  • Health insurance coverage

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