Availing Residence And Work Permit in Canada

Canada-work-permitCanada is an awesome place to reside in. It is a great country with high standard of living. For almost all eight years Canada is ranked as the eighth country for its most amazing places to live in among the United Nations.

One of the perfect reasons why immigrants choose this destination because of its multicultural policy which preserves their traditions, this is the main reason why individuals Migrate to Canada.

From over the past years, Canada has been named as the best country because of its perfect employment opportunities. Job opportunities have continuous progress in their Maple leaf country. According to the researches from over many years more than a million jobs will be filled by International skilled workers. Thus, foreign workers have to fill the shortage of labor and should maintain its economic growth.

However, it is important to receive a job offer from the employer but more important thing is that to acquire a Canada Work Permit from the Canadian Government. Immigration officials offer a work permit to the employer who has acquired a positive Labor market Impact Assessment from the HRD of Canada, along with the receipt of the Job offer. If a foreign employee has processed with these two prospective then an applicant can obtain a Canada work permit.

Who can apply for Canadian Work Permit ?

• Business people
• Students
• Foreign employees
• Live-in caregivers

Requirements for Canada Work Permit :

• Must not have any criminal record
• Health Insurance
• Valid passport
• Applicant must have LMO
• Adequate funds

Therefore, this is all about the importance of Canada Work Permit and its requirements.

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