A basic overview on Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker VisaWith a low-population rate and steady economy, Germany has emerged as a most desirable immigration destination for individuals who are looking to move to foreign nation in seek of better employment opportunities. In the present scenario, Immigration to Germany has increased swiftly particularly from developing countries. Germany is facing chronic skill scarcities in various fields particularly in electrical and mechanical engineering, information technology and healthcare.

Why to choose Germany

Germany is often known as a nation of vibrant cities and amazing architecture and surprising shopping combined with outstanding nightlife. The country is one among the most active trading economies all over the globe. Germany has attained a great reputation as a most affluent as well as progressive nation. To meet the available skill scarcities in the country, the government is welcoming skilled professional to move to Germany in seek of job.   However, a non-EU national or foreign national should obtain Germany Job Seeker visa.

Germany Job Seeker visa

Germany Job seeker Visa is a proposal introduced by the Federal Government to foster skilled professionals from different parts of the globe to enter to Germany. There exists various jobs in Germany, thus, the country seeks to allure foreign skilled immigrants to migrate and seek a job and after which they can work in Germany.

Germany job seeker visa allows foreign nationals to move and look for a job in Germany. This visa is a temporary resident visa valid for a period up to six-months. The job seeker visa not allows you to work in the country. To work, you need to obtain a work visa after obtaining a job from German employer.

Germany job seeker visa eligibility

The following is the eligibility criteria for Germany job seeker visa

  • Applicants must hold a standard qualification from German Universities or a foreign degree comparable to German Degrees.
  • Adequate finance
  • Applicants must hold medical and travel insurance.
  • A valid work experience in the nominated occupation help individuals in looking for jobs in Germany; however, this is not a obligatory requirement

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for Germany job seeker visa right away.

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