How to Become a Denmark Permanent Resident?

How to Become a Denmark Permanent Resident Thinking of migrating to an overseas destination? If so, you can choose to come and settle in Denmark. Denmark is a Nordic country, situated in the southernmost part of Northern Europe.

This awesome destination has a lot of enthralling places for sight-seeing, copious career and study opportunities and beautiful landscapes.

Denmark Immigration

One can obtain a Denmark permanent resident status at any time. One of the popular ways of obtaining a Denmark PR is by applying for a Denmark Green Card, which is a scheme designed to allure skilled professionals. It is based on an individual’s ability to score points under certain criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following general eligibility requirements in order to acquire theDenmark permanent residence status:-

  • Qualify for a temporary residence
  • Age over 18 years
  • Have legally resided in Denmark for a minimum of five years
  • Not have a criminal background
  • Have passed the Danish language test
  • Have been in a regular full-time job or been enrolled in an educational program in Denmark for a minimum of three years out of five before you actually submit your application for Denmark permanent resident
  • Be working or studying at the time that you attain eligibility for Denmark PR

In case you do not meet the requirements for a Denmark permanent resident permit, you can apply for an extension of your temporary resident visa. Later, you can apply for a permanent resident permit.

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