Benefits of Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

Hong Kong Entrepreneur VisaAre you planning to abroad? Then Hong Kong would be the best and attractive destination to migrate. This country has good booming economy and good environment. Hong Kong has many offers for everyone which includes workers, visitors, families and many others. Hong Kong is an attractive and most of the immigrants to its shores with numerous opportunities and diverse economy.  There many benefits of Hong Kong immigration, this country is best tourist place, many excellent facilities and better immigration policy.

Hong Kong international entrepreneurs has unique migration visa which allows person to start a business they can Migrate to Hong Kong. This visa is special type of work permit and given to the owner of business as an employee of his or her Hong Kong company. And the main criteria for conceding the Hong Kong entrepreneur visa lies whether the candidates need to establish about the business significance to the financial system of the Hong Kong.

And the main candidates can bring their dependents. Candidates are also eligible for to apply for Hong Kong permanent residence. Therefore this visa is given for one year after one year it is renewable thereafter as long as business remains viable. When applying for entrepreneur visa there is no minimum obligations specified. However at the time of processing the authorities will examines the plan and check whether the funds are sufficient for the particular business or not.

Required documents for Entrepreneur Visa:

  • Valid passport
  • With full detailed business plan
  • Copy of identity card from Hong Kong
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Complete application form

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Sufficient funds
  • Candidates shouldn’t have any criminal record
  • Must have good educational back ground.

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