What Britons think of ‘Brexit’?

What Britons think of BrexitThe people’s opinion on the ‘Brexit’ reveal that both remain and Leave campaign are pretty close, the ‘remain’ campaign is marginally ahead of the leave campaign.

The prediction markets have mostly promoted the agenda and active in guessing before the actual day of the Referendum on June 23rd, 2016.

After the attacking campaign by both the sides, in the last two weeks, the opinion polls suggested increased support for leave campaign. However, at the end both the sides are close, while ‘Remain’ campaign is ahead marginally now.

Initially, the bookers even mislead the people, but slowly they started depending on the opinion polls. The remain vote support is 81 percent, based on the opinion polls, but now the scenario has changed completely.

When it comes to guessing, the older Britons favor the leave campaign, and the young voters support the remaining campaign. As the old are active in voting, then leave campaign may get stronger support. Scotland and Northern Ireland and London will vote for remain; the middle England will vote for leave campaign.

The result of the outcome is different but how it changes the United Kingdom is the new story. It stops the easy movement of people from the United Kingdom, the whole business activity changes with this.

Indian software industries are worried about Britons decision on a popular mandate. If the people vote for leave campaign, the whole scenario of business activity changes.

Experts opine that the UK acts as a gateway for Europe, if it leaves, then they have to look for a new headquarter. The free movement of labor largely helps the companies quickly find the resourceful talent.

Totally, it changes the demographic and economic factors, the new policies; new immigration trends will completely modify the way the UK thinks of the world.

What Britons think will change global scenario, it is going to impact the whole Europe continent and the businesses that heavily rely on the European market.

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