Britons vote to leave the European Union

Britons vote to leave European UnionThe United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union on ‘Brexit’ referendum held on June 23. The results announced on Thursday will decide the future of the United Kingdom leaving 28 European Union countries.

The Britain Prime Minister David Cameroon resigned after the thumping victory of the leave campaign. 52 percent of voters supported Britain’s exit from the European Union and remain campaign received 48 percent votes.

David Cameroon said that country needs fresh leadership and it would not be fair enough for him to take the country to the next destination.

He stated that the decision was not taken lightly; he believes that for stability and national interest, the country requires new leadership.

The United Kingdom will have more control over borders, migration, trade as the Britons voted for leave. The Brexit supporters said that they are planning for point-based immigration system, controlled, the free movement of EU nationals to the United Kingdom will stop.

However, for all the proceedings of separation, it may take two years or more than two.


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