Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa program PR visa to Maple Leaf nation

Canada-Federal-Skilled-Worker-VisaCanada has attained fame as a leading immigration destination for exploring better career opportunities. This Maple Leaf nation is a member of G7 group. With high standard of living, excellent public infrastructure and world-class educational systems, Canada has emerged as a top-notch immigration destination.

The country has set as an ideal nation to start a new life. Massively the country’s wide array of opportunities is also one of the main reasons why people from various parts of the globe choose to migrate to Canada. Nowadays, a number of people opting for Canada Immigration from India are increasing sharply to attain better employment opportunities and handful salaries.

Canada Skilled Immigration

Being a land of ample job opportunities, Canada faces acute skill scarcities in various fields. Thus, it welcomes talented individuals to migrate to Canada under Canada Skilled immigration programs. Of various skilled immigration programs, the most popular immigration program to migrate to Canada is Federal skilled worker program.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is structured for skilled immigrants who hold required skills to abide by the country’s labor market requirements and improves the country’s economy. Canada FSW visa is a permanent resident visa that enables immigrants to relocate and work in Canada permanently. With an intention to accelerate the PR visa process, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched an Express Entry system, earlier this year, to manages the applications under Canada economic immigration programs such as Canada skilled federal trades program, Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa and Canada experience class.

Requirements for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The following are requirements for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

  • Must meet minimum language level either in English or French language
  • Proof of adequate funds
  • Applicants should have a credential from Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary, diploma or degree, or they should have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from agency decided by CIC to show immigrants’ foreign education qualification is equivalent to Canadian education standards.

Apart from the aforesaid requirements, individuals need to undergo point’s system test successfully to obtain Canada PR.

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