Canada Immigration is considered as best option for Immigrants

Canada Immigration id Best for Foreigners Are you interested in Canada migration? Want to know what is the process for migrating to Canada? Well, here we are listing the details concerned with Canada migration.

Canada, being the second largest country in the world as per area is considered to be the most densely populated area.

Canada has rolled out to be the best country in the world and every year it welcomes thousands of people. Usually, any individual who are interested for Canada migration should meet minimum immigration requirements and selection criteria.

In order to migrate to Canada, the candidate has to apply for Canadian permanent resident visa and need to obtain Canada Immigration. The U.S. citizens have to apply for Canada green card to migrate to Canada.

If a candidate is willing to migrate to Canada, there are mainly four channels out of which they can opt any one for Canada immigration. The candidate needs to choose the option depending on their requirement. The four ways are as follows:

Canada Skilled Worker Program:

In order to develop Canada’s economy, the country mainly requires foreign skilled workers and professionals. If you are skilled worker who is willing to settle in Canada then you can opt any of these ways to migrate to Canada.

  • Federal skilled worker program:  This can be opted by any skilled workers who are intended to live in any province, except in Quebec.
  • Quebec Skilled worker: If the candidate intends to reside in Quebec province then he has to apply for this visa.

Provincial Nomination Program for Skilled Worker:

This is a fact track Canadian immigration program opted by individual who is intended to reside in particular territory.

Business Immigration:

This is a fast track Canadian immigration option applicable for entrepreneurs, investors and business people who are interested to set up business in this country. So, these people can choose any of these options for Canada Migration.

  • Federal Business Immigration
  • Quebec Business Immigration
  • PNP Business Immigration

Family Class Canadian Immigration:

Canada also offers many options for family class who are interested to migrate to the country. The following are the different sponsorships offered by Canada immigration system for family class to migrate.

  • Spousal sponsorship
  • Parents and Grandparents sponsorship
  • Provincial family class sponsorship
  • Dependent child and other sponsorships.

Canada Experience Class Immigration

If you are a foreign worker and you are interested to become a permanent resident in Canada then you can apply for this visa to obtain Canada permanent visa.

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