Canada offers incredible opportunities for IT professionals

Canada Offers Incredible Opportunities for IT ProfessionalsCanada’s Information Technology (IT) field is considered as one of the thriving fields in the country. The country is offering enviable opportunities for migrants in IT sector. Canadian government has taken few steps to entice world’s leading companies and IT professionals. In 2013, the government has invested 50 million dollars to create jobs while mainly contributing to Canadian IT companies.

At present, a professional in the field of IT sector can immigrate to Canada to become a temporary worker. The country needs more number of IT professionals to fill 106,000 positions over the upcoming four years. As per a latest study of industry Canada, two thirds of IT firms are showing interest towards foreign workers in hiring new IT employees.

How to obtain permanent residency for IT professionals?

Canada offers a wide range of options for IT professionals who wish to migrate permanently. An IT professional can immigrate to Canada under different programs which include Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW), Quebec Skilled Worker program (QSW), Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). All these programs include specific IT fields listed on its eligible occupation lists for Canada PR.

How to find temporary work options for IT professionals?

IT professionals are allowed to work in Canada temporarily without obtaining Canadian Permanent residency status. At present around 250,000 foreign workers are working temporary in Canada while most of them are IT professionals. An IT professional must obtain a valid Canadian job offer and Temporary Work Permit to migrate to Canada as a temporary worker. One can make use of Canada visa Job Search tool to find job opportunities in Canada.

The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program

Canadian government has set up a new program referred to as “The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program”, to encourage IT professionals in migrating to the country. The main objective of this program is to grant permanent residency to entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate. The program has been promoted in many popular areas including Silicon Valley in US for IT professionals.

With so many options available, most IT professionals are considering this as the right opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

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