Canada wants Entrepreneurs – Start up visa program

Canada Entrepreneur Start up VisaCanada Entrepreneur Program seeks to magnetize people with business experience who have the ability to manage Canadian business which impact financial system and create employment opportunities for Canadian residents.

Canada’s start up visa is the first kind in the world. The candidates must have experience in private sector organization. The candidates who are eligible to this program will able to immigrate to Canada with no conditions as a permanent residency.

Canada Entrepreneur visa was announced by Canadian government in 2012 September.

Canadian Advantage:

Canada is the best place to build the business and there are many reasons:

  • Top quality of life
  • Excellence in innovation and research
  • Low business costs and low taxes
  • Strong economic growth

Top quality of life:

It provides top quality for the success of families, individuals and many companies. In 2011 according to the World Bank, the people who lived in Canada enjoyed highest standard of living and it is also known as flexible, multicultural, highly educated.

Excellence in research and innovation:

It offers winning environment for innovation and research which includes infrastructure, innovation incentives and scientific talent.

Low business costs and low taxes:

Canada offers low tax environment and low cost. A new business investment is lower than that of G 7 countries.

Strong economic growth:

Canada as the best country in G 20 which is rated in Forbes magazine.

Key features for Entrepreneur program:

  • Minimum net worth of CA $300000 is required
  • Minimum three years of permanent resident, the business which is created by the candidate must have employment opportunities for others.
  • Once the entrepreneur satisfies the conditions all family members care admitted in the same condition.

Immigrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur:

  • For qualifying Canadian business the candidate must have ability to control.
  • The candidate must give ongoing and active business management.
  • The business which is created by candidate must have full time job for Canadian citizen
  • If the candidate wants permanent residency he/she must meet requirements within 3 years.

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