A Complete Guide on Germany Jobseeker Visa

Germany jobseeker visaWith a thick population and stable economy, Germany has emerged to be appealing destinations for people interested to move a new country to seek  job.  At present, the country is facing acute skill shortages in most sought-after sectors such as information technology, mechanical and electrical engineering and healthcare. Germany is considered to be one of the major destinations in Europe, and the country also contributes a major part for Europe economy. Every year, numerous individuals from all over the world move and work in Germany in their dream designations or job roles. Individuals from overseas or non-EU nations, who would like to seek a job and work in Germany need to obtain a Germany jobseeker visa.

Germany jobseeker visa

The federal government has introduced Germany job seeker visa on 1 August, 2012, to foster more skilled professionals from overseas to come to Germany. This visa is issued for a period up to six months to look for employment. On Germany jobseeker visa individuals are permitted to work in Germany either on a self employed basis or otherwise. For Germany jobseeker visa there is no specific occupation list. However, the most in-demand jobs in Germany are Engineering, Scientific Research and IT.

Requirements for Germany Job seeker visa

The following are the some of the Requirements for Germany Job seeker visa:

  • Applicants should hold a recognized qualification from German Universities or a foreign degree comparable to German Degrees
  • Applicant must hold enough funds and accommodation for their intended stay in Germany for a period up to six months
  • Applicant must hold travel and medical insurance.
  • Applicants must have adequate years of work experience in the nominated occupation, which could be help you in seeking jobs in Germany, though this is not a compulsory requirement

Benefits of Germany Job seeker visa

The following are the some of the features of Germany Job seeker visa

  • Visa applicants are enabled to stay in Germany and seek Job for 6 months.
  • No prior job offer letter is required
  • After attaining job offer, individuals can apply for work visa to legally work in Germany

To avail these amazing benefits apply for a Germany Jobseeker visa immediately.

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