A Complete Guide on UK Visitor Visa

UK-Visitor-VisaPlanning to take a break from a hectic work schedule? Then, you can Visit UK. A trip to UK makes your holiday more exhilarated and memorable.

Striking, fragile, awe-inspiring, calm, exhilarating, mythological, fun, an epicure’s delight, culturally rich and complex, historically important are few words that can be used to explain about the United Kingdom. That is because the UK does not just boast a complex geography; it carries a rich, glorious and mythological cultural past. Every tourist attraction in the UK has one or more aforesaid characteristics. There exists a range of must-see places to visit in the UK. While planning a Travel to UK the most complex decision would be in choosing the best places to visit.

Why to visit UK?

There are a wide range of reasons why people wish to visit UK. Whatever may be the purpose of their visit an overseas national or non-EU national should hold a UK Visitor Visa in order to enter and reside in the country for a certain period of time.

Types of UK Visitor Visas

The following are the some of the short stay or visit visas for the UK:

  • Marriage visitor visa
  • Parent of a Tier4 child visa
  • Permitted Paid engagement visa and
  • Short-term study visa
  • Standard visitor visa

Marriage visitor visa

This visa is for the applicants who would like to marry or get enroll a civil partnership in the UK or want to give notice of a marriage civil partnership in UK.  This visa is intended for the applicants who are not planning to settle in UK after the marriage. This visa is valid for six months.

Parent of a Tier4 child visa

This visa is intended for the parents whose child attends an independent fee-paying day school in the UK. The validity period of this visa is either 6 or 12 months.

Permitted Paid engagement visa

This visa is for the applicants, who want to enter to the UK to engage in specific paid work and without a sponsor under the points-based visa system. Permitted Paid engagement visa allows individuals to reside in the UK for a period up to one month.

Short-term study visa Standard visitor visa

Individuals can apply for a Short-term study visa if they want to pursue short term study courses in the UK. This visa is valid for a period of six months – for any short course or 11 for English language course.

This visa is for individuals who want to visit UK for sightseeing, holiday or meeting friends and family members. This visa is also intended for business visits and medical treatment.

In order to apply for any of these visas, an applicant needs to meet certain requirements. The UK Visitor Visa requirements vary for each visa type. So, meet the requirements and obtain the visa based on the purpose of your visit to the UK.

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