A complete guide on Work Permit

Work Permit Working abroad has such an appeal to young individuals as it enables them to have fun while getting paid, as well as enhance their range of skills that appeals to potential employers further down their career path. Undeniably, working abroad improves individual’s knowledge in various ways and broadens his or her vision. Overseas nationals should obtain a work permit prior to their access to the foreign country in order to reside and work in the country legally for a certain period of time.

What is work permit?

Generally, a work permit is a legal agreement or official document from a country’s government, which enables foreign nationals to take up job within that specific country.

Individuals should meet any of the following conditions to get a work visa for their destined destination:

  • Must have a privilege to work in a company based on nationality or on having a associate from that Country
  • Must have a valid visa or work permit or that enables overseas nationals to work and normally, this visa would be applied by the employer.
  • Must hold a permanent or temporary working visa that enables you to work

Which countries provide work permit?

Almost all the leading nations provide work permits to eligible and skilled overseas nationals in order to work and reside in the country. The leading countries that welcome overseas nationals by offering amazing job opportunities are Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

Requirements for work permit

Individuals must be ready to meet the particular nations work permit prerequisites in order to acquire work permit. Of various requirements, one of the basic requirement is individuals should hold a valid job offer from an employer of that respective nation and consent from native labor market enabling invitation to an overseas national to fill the related local vacancy.

Who is eligible for a work permit?

Any overseas national can meet the requirements can apply for the work permit. For some nations, overseas nationals need to meet other prerequisites like an IELTS exam in order to become qualified for a work permit. Though the language test is not compulsory, basic knowledge of the native language is required for settling in the country. The work permit is valid till the employment offer is intact.

A Work permit is particularly designed by the country’s government to allow overseas national to work and reside in their particular country legally.

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