Critical Skill Visa Eases South Africa Immigration Pathway

South Africa Critical Skill VisaWant to migrate overseas in seek of better employment opportunities? Perplexed to choose best overseas destination to work and seek employment? Well, this article brings you out from the confused situation.

With the thriving economy, better career opportunities and high quality life, South Africa has carved its place among the list of top immigration countries. The country is facing acute skill shortages in various positions, thus the country is in need of various skilled employees to address the labor market needs. This is a great opportunity for the skilled individuals who are aspiring to work abroad. However, an overseas national need to acquire a South Africa Critical Skill Visa to migrate and work over there.

South Africa Critical Skill Visa

 The government of South Africa has considered some skills as well as qualifications as exceptional. Any overseas national with such skills as well as qualifications can apply for the Critical Skill Visa. In order to apply for this visa, the applicant need not require a prior job offer while lodges a visa application. Initially this visa is valid for a period up to three years, and later it can be extended.

Requirements for South Africa Critical Skill Visa

The following are the some of the Requirements of South Africa Critical Skill Visa

  • Written confirmation, from the professional council or board recognized by the SAQA or government confirming applicants and qualifications
  • Evidence of registration credential to the board, professional body or council recognized by SAQA
  • Proof of assessment of the foreign degree by SAQA and interpreted into any of the official languages of the Republic
  • Proof of job within 12 months after acquiring the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa in the form of an employment agreement
  • Proof of post qualification experience

Individuals who comply with the above requirements can apply for South Africa Critical Skill Visa in order to land in South Africa for employment.

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