Denmark Green Card an Avenue to Attain Better Career Opportunities

Denmark GreencardLooking for better overseas career opportunities? Perplexed to choose best overseas destination? Well, have a look at this article, which helps you in understanding the benefits of Denmark immigration.

The Scandinavian country—Denmark, has emerged to be one of the most sought-after destinations for immigration. With the low crime rate, better public services as well as striking environment, the country has become the most preferred destination for a number of immigrants from all over the globe. The count of Indians migrating to Denmark is increasing steeply from past few years.

Reasons to choose Denmark immigration

If you are unsure as to  why people prefer Denmark these days, go through the below reasons of Denmark immigration

  • Lack of skilled employees
  • Safe and happiest place
  • Reputed education system
  • Better health and public services
  • Ample job opportunities

Danish government has introduced various visa programs to migrate to Denmark, of those Denmark Green Card is the most popular and well-known visa applied by most of the skilled immigrants.

Denmark Greencard

Denmark Greencard is a resident and work permit issued to overseas nationals for the purpose of looking for a job and working in Denmark. Residence permit granted under the Danish Greencard scheme gives a privilege to carry out paid or unpaid work in Denmark. Initially this scheme is applicable for skilled immigrants, now effective 1 January 2015, a special version of the Greencard scheme has also introduced to international students. This scheme allows overseas students to reside in Denmark after completing their graduation to seek jobs.

Denmark Green Card Requirements

Immigration to Denmark under the Greencard scheme is a points based system, where individuals need to undergo a points test and secure at least 100 points. The points will be awarded based on the three aspects such as:

  • Educational level
  • Language skills
  • Adaptability

Besides scoring points, applicants should also hold full health insurance covering their and their accompanying family members. It is also required to earn a minimum of DKK 50,000 in Denmark during the first year after a residence permit is granted.

After the approval of Denmark Greencard, applicants can reside in the country for a maximum period of two years. Prior to the end of visa period they can apply for visa extension for three more years.

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