Denmark Opens Its Gates for Foreign Skilled Workers

Denmark Skilled Workers VisaApart from all the places in the world Denmark has marked its place as the most eligible destination for making career. Denmark is a place that you can’t give a slip. The country is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Apart from travelling, the country also offers many job opportunities for foreign skilled workers. Well, nothing is impossible in this world, all that it needs is a strong determination with some information about Denmark green card.

Read on to find more details about immigration to Denmark.

Denmark Immigration

Denmark has managed to attract foreign skilled workers from various parts of the world on daily basis. The country has something for everyone, right from tourism to employment. There is an increase in the number of immigrants migrating to Denmark every year. There are many companies in Denmark who are looking forward for skilled immigrants.

If you have the talent then Denmark employment opportunities are opened for you to give it a shot.

For the skilled workers to immigrate to Denmark they must know about the Denmark Green Card which is a permission to live and work in Denmark. To immigrate to Denmark you need to know about Denmark Green Card, which is a work permit. The permit is given based on Denmark Green Card Points Calculator.

The Denmark green card is also known as Danish green card.

Requirements for Denmark green card

In order to get Denmark green card every applicant must go through Denmark immigration point’s calculator which will assess the eligibility criteria.

Applicant must score minimum of 100 points in order to migrate to Denmark. The points system is based on certain factors such as

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Adaptability
  • Language skills

Age and Adaptability

  • 10 points each will be given

Language skills 

  • 30 points will be given for language proficiency (English/French)


  • 30 points for bachelor’s degree
  • 50 points for one year master’s
  • 60 points for two years of master’s
  • 80 points if you are a PHD holder

Work experience

  • 15 points for work experience

Denmark Immigration for Indians applies the same rules and visa processing. The Denmark Green card for Indians gives many benefits such as

  • Card holder is allowed to roam around the Schengen countries without acquiring any visa
  • Card holder is allowed to tag along their conjugal partner/spouse
  • Card holder is allowed to sponsor their family members
  • Card holder is allowed to extend their validity up to four years
  • Card holder is allowed to apply for permanent residency after completing certain time of stay in Denmark
  • The family members of the card holder will enjoy the same rules

If you meet the above criteria, you are advised to apply for Danish green card today.

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