Denmark Research Programs for International Students

Denmark Research Programs for International StudentsDenmark Education is globally competitive, and the broad range of research programs is fully funded, and some programs are introduced partnering with respective private companies.

The Denmark education is known for its world-class education infrastructure and research facilities. All educational institutions accept international students, researchers and teachers. The PHD programs of the Denmark Universities do not charge tuition fee, the selected candidates for their respective visa programs will be given salary in return.

To study in Denmark, the international students must enroll to the three-year study program.

The main features of the Ph.D. programs are:

  •     Research under the supervision of the experts.
  •     Approximately 30 ECTS credits for Ph.D. students.
  •     International exposure like participation in various networks and reputed research               institutions.

Allows you to disseminate knowledge related to the Ph.D. topic.

Admission requirements for international students:

Candidates must have Master’s that equals with the standards of two-year post-graduation program of Denmark.

In some particular four-year Ph.D. programs, students are offered courses if they have bachelors and a one-year post-graduation course of study.

Denmark Ph.D. positions are highly competitive, and the international students must meet the requirements and approach the relevant University for the number of available positions.

Funding Support for the International Students:

Studentships: Universities, Research Universities, advertise studentship; international students will be employed for three years.

Industrial PhD fellowships: The partnership fellowships are collaborative programs offered to international students; private organization collaborates with the University to welcome Students for PhD program. The duration of the program is usually for three years.

Self-financed PhD Programmes: The self-financing program will offer a course with a tuition fee ranging between 10 000 and 16 000 Euros.

International financial support: International students would also be eligible for the international scholarships, especially from the European Commission’s research programme.

Migration to Denmark as the international student requires thorough understanding towards the education programs and Universities. In addition to that students must have a comprehensive knowledge of the visa procedures which enables easy immigration to Denmark.

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