Dubai Visit Visa For International Travelers

dubai-visit-visaDubai Tourism attracts numerous individuals every year who wish to spend their holidays in the Arab country. International travelers require valid visit visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates except for a few. Dubai has relaxed visa requirements for 39 nations and Gulf Co-operation Council member states.

Who should apply for a Visa to visit Dubai?

A visa is required for a lawful entry to any country. Indian nationals must apply for a visit visa to enter Dubai. The citizen of the Gulf Co-operation Council region does not require any permit; they must carry their valid passports for entry into Dubai.

Details of Dubai Visit Visa:

Dubai visit visas are issued for a period of 30 days or 90 days. These permits are valid for single entry only. There is a multiple-entry visa which allows travelers to visit Dubai for six months. During each visit, a traveler can stay up to 14 days in Dubai.

Dubai Visit Visa Requirements:

International travelers must meet the requirements set by Dubai Tourism to obtain visit visa. The requirements vary for different countries based on country’s arrangement.

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