An easy pathway to immigrate to Canada with Quebec skilled worker program

Quebec-Skilled-Worker-Program-Canada-immigrationQuebec has made an agreement with Canadian government on immigration. This nation has designed its immigration system to indicate the candidate interest to economically establish in Quebec up on immigration.

Based on different set of criteria the eligibility criteria of Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa is evaluated.

Conditions to apply for Quebec skilled worker program:

  • Language skills
  • Applicants who wish to apply for worker in Quebec must apply for government for Quebec selection certificate and then applicant can apply for CIC to become a PR.
  • Candidate must qualify in Quebec selection grid
  • Applicant must qualify in medical exam
  • If they valid job offer applicants can apply for Quebec skilled worker visa.

Quebec point based system:

In order to qualify for Quebec selection the skilled professionals must score enough points under the Quebec immigration selection system. Therefore points will be awarded to certain factors such as

  • Sufficient funds
  • Education
  • Children
  • Area of expertise
  • Spouse characteristics
  • Language skills
  • Age
  • Work experience

Under Quebec point based system for single applicant must score minimum 49 points based on criteria where as an applicant with conjugal/common-law or spouse partner must score minimum 57 points to qualify for the Quebec skilled worker visa.

Candidates can score extra 6 points based on adaptability. Therefore by considering these points candidates need to score fifty five points and applicant with spouse must score minimum sixty three points to be eligible for Quebec skilled worker visa.

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