Who are eligible to apply for Austria red white red card?

Austria Red white red cardAustria is officially known as the “Republic of Austria”, a most popular nation in Europe with 8.3 million population. Being one of the most affluent nations in the World, the country is facing acute skill shortages in various occupations. A majority of foreign applicants especially from non-EU or EEA nations should acquire a visa to stay or reside or work in Austria. Besides this, there are myriad documents required to enter Austria. However, if you are planning to migrate and work in Austria then the best option you can choose is red white red Card.

Austria Red White Red Card

The federal government has introduced a flexible immigration scheme entitled as Red-White-Red Card. This card facilitates the immigration process for skilled third-country employees and their families with an aim to become permanent resident in Austria, depending on personal and labor-market related criteria. Under Red White red Card scheme, overseas nationals can reside and work in Austria for a period up to 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria

The following is the eligibility criteria for Austria red white red card

  • Skilled employees in shortage occupations
  • Self-employed key employees
  • Other key employees
  • Very highly qualified employees
  • Graduates from Austrian universities and colleges


The following requirements should be complied in order to obtain an Austria Red White Red Card:

  • Enough funds to meet daily expenses
    • For singles: €872.31
    • For couples: €1,307.89
    • For each child additionally €134.59
    • Applicant should have health insurance coverage
    • Applicant must provide proof of accommodation as per native standards

Besides meeting these requirements applicants should also get through points based system. The minimum qualification points vary for each individual based on their eligibility criteria. If you meet the above requirements you can apply for Austria red white red card.

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