EU Blue Card allows skilled immigrants to work in European nations

EU-Blue-Card-allows-skilled-immigrants-to-work-in-European-nationsEvery nation is making its best attempts to attract skilled immigrants in order to boost the country’s economy. Even, European nations do not fall behind in the race. And, thus a scheme called as EU blue card initiated by the EU nations for internationally skilled workers.

With an intention to ease visa process and meet labor market scarcities, EU Blue Card has been approved by the European Union for skilled nationals.

EU Blue Card

Europe’s EU blue card entices overseas skilled nationals to migrate to leading EU nations. The EU Blue Card is an immigrant visa structured for highly skilled overseas employees. This card acts as a legal permit that enables overseas nationals to work as well as stay in Europe for two-year period. After the end of five years residence in Europe on EU Blue Card, the applicants can apply for permanent residence

Requirements for EU Blue Card

At present, Europe is facing acute skill shortages in various fields.  Thus, it’s an amazing chance for highly skilled foreign workers to migrate and work in Europe. However, to acquire EU Blue Card, the individuals should meet the below requirements.

  • A valid passport
  • No crime records
  • Health insurance
  • Employment offer
  • Work experience and professional qualifications
  • Minimum income level to the individual should be at least three times the current salary at the national level

Successfully candidates under EU Blue Card scheme will be issued a residence and work permit, allowing them to EU residential and economic rights.  EU Blue Card holders can also bring in their qualified family members to EU.

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