Expand your business in Canada through Canada Entrepreneur Visa

Canada Entrepreneur VisaCanada entrepreneur’s visa allows international person to work and live in Canada on permanent basis. This Canada Entrepreneur Visa is given by the Canadian government that gives an opportunity to the internationals who are willing to migrate to expand the business in Canada.

Entrepreneur visa for Canada along with the Canada immigration investor and self employed program immigration visa is given to the candidates who have the desired skills to run the business.

Entrepreneur Visa Benefits:

The entrepreneur visa benefits are considered as a route for permanent residence in Canada. The candidates can work and live and they can develop the business in Canada. Therefore this visa holder can work in Canada without any work permit and the applicant does not require any job offer from the Canadian employer. After 3 years the applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship.


To eligible for this visa the applicant must satisfy the few requirements:

  • Maintenance
  • Candidates should have 2 years of business experience
  • Security and medical checks
  • Ownership
  • Minimum net worth of 300000 dollar CAD

Therefore it is a point based assessment the points are given to the

  • Adaptability
  • Business experience
  • Language skills
  • Education qualifications
  • Dependents

Required Documents for Canada Entrepreneur Visa:

  • Fee payment
  • Generic application form
  • Mailing your application
  • Additional family information
  • Photos
  • Additional dependents
  • Travel documents
  • Police clearance
  • Background declaration
  • Use of a representative
  • Identity and civil status documents

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