Explore Better Career Opportunities by Acquiring Austria Red White Red Card

Austria-RedWhiteRedCard-for-better-CareerAustria is one of Europe’s most renowned tourist hotspot because of its historic cities, wonderful ski resorts and breathtaking mountain panoramas. And even, most of the people used to consider Austria for tourism purpose only, but these recent years have changed the entire trend of Austria.

Being an affluent nation across the world, the country is also offering excellent career opportunities for the overseas nationals. Nowadays, a large number of people are choosing Austrian Immigration to explore better employment opportunities.

Why to Migrate to Austria

Austria has overwhelming and amazing places that makes individuals life more relaxed and easy. Even, the people who migrate to Austria can get better employment offers with high paid salaries. The quality of life and other social benefits are also some of the major reason for Austrian Immigration. There are number of industries that are facing acute skill shortages; thus, individuals with appropriate skills can migrate to Austria to plug the available vacancies.

Austria Red White Red Card

The government has introduced a flexible Austrian immigration system termed as Austria Red-white-red card to allure overseas individuals to migrate and reside in Austria permanently, in order to boost the country’s economy. Migrate to Austria through red white red card is valid for a period of 12 months or one year and enables the card holder to reside in Austria and engage in employment by a specified employer.

However, in order to apply for Red White Red Card to Austria applicants must belong to any of the following criteria:

  • Highly skilled workers
  • Skilled employees in shortage professions
  • Other key employees
  • Graduates or students from Austrian universities studying their higher education
  • Self-employed key employees

However, applicants need to meet certain requirements of Austria red white red card in order to obtain the Austria Red White Red Card. The requirement varies based on the individual’s eligibility criteria. Immigration to Austria under Austria Red White Red Card is a point’s based system where an applicant need to quality in the points based system in order to migrate to Austria successfully. The required qualification points for the applicants also vary based on the applicant’s eligibility criteria.

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