Explore Better Employment Opportunities on Germany Job Seeker Visa

Explore better Job Opportunities by Germany Job Seeker Visa Germany is a hotspot for immigrants who would like to explore better employment opportunities. The country is emerged has a top destination for overseas job seekers from India and other nations.

Alarmed by acute skill shortages in various sectors, such as IT, Engineering and Scientific Research, the country is looking to work on its immigration laws, in a bid to allure immigrants to seek a job and work in Germany. A number of foreign nationals have moved to Germany to seek a job under Germany Jobseeker Visa.

Why to work in Germany ?

A number of overseas nationals prefer to work in Germany because of country’s high living and high working standards. The current labor shortages in the country are also drawing people to work in Germany.  The people who get a job and work in Germany can get various benefits. However, to enter and seek a job in Germany overseas individuals need to apply for Germany Jobseeker visa.

Germany Job Seeker visa

Germany Job seeker Visa is a scheme introduced by the Federal Government to welcome more overseas skilled professionals to come to Germany. This visa came into effect on 1 August 2012 for graduates with German degree or recognized university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to German degree. Germany Job seeker Visa enables overseas skilled nationals to enter and seek a job in Germany for a period up to six months.

Germany Job Seeker visa requirements

In order to obtain Germany Job seeker visa individuals need to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must hold a standard qualification from German Universities or a foreign degree equivalent to German Degrees
  • Applicants must hold travel insurance
  • Applicants must have adequate funds to survive in the country for a period of six months
  • Applicants must hold a medical insurance
  • Applicants with adequate work experience in the nominated occupation can get job easily

Features of Germany Job Seeker visa

  • Visa holders can reside in Germany and seek a Job
  • No prior job offer is needed to apply for Germany Job seeker visa
  • After getting a job applicants can apply for Germany Work Permit in order to work in Germany.

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