Find out why Skilled Professionals choose Denmark Immigration

Denmark Skilled Immigration Process through Green Card SchemeAre you a skilled professional who wish to migrate to Denmark ? If yes, read on to find what you need to know to migrate to Denmark as a skilled professional.

Why migrate to Denmark?

Known for its vivacious lifestyle, vibrant economy and good financial system, Denmark immigration is the most desirable option for the people who wish to settle abroad. It is renowned as the safe and happiest destination for immigrants to reside.. The country is looking forward for qualified migrants and offers ample opportunities for skilled professionals who wish to migrate to Denmark.

Various opportunities for skilled professionals in Denmark  

Denmark stood as one amongst the top ranking nations in terms of quality living standards, pay levels, highest minimum salaries, etc. A free and good  employment market makes it easy for the migrant job seekers to find a right opportunity in the country.

Individuals with right skills and talent can easily find an opportunity in IT & communication sector, management & health Care, engineering, building and construction sectors, etc. In order to encourage skilled professionals, business talents and other key workers, the Denmark government has designed number of skilled migration programs.

Different types of Denmark skilled migration programs include:

Positive list, Pay limit scheme and Denmark Green Card Scheme are the important Denmark skilled immigration programs. If you wish to work in Denmark as a skilled professional, you need to apply for any of these programs depending on your requirements. Out of these schemes, Denmark green card scheme is opted by the majority of skilled professionals who wish to reside and work in the country.

Denmark green card scheme

Denmark green card scheme is for Foreign skilled workers who wish to reside and work in Denmark. It follows a points based system where in applicants need to score points for certain factors such as age, educational qualifications, work experience, adaptability nature and language proficiency.

Individuals who hold a residence permit under the Green card scheme do not require a work permit to enter the country for work. Denmark green card applicants need to score minimum 100 points to qualify under the scheme. However, they need to fulfil other requirements for successful Denmark immigration process.

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