Fly now to Hong Kong under QMAS scheme and gift yourself a promising career

Hong Kong QMAS SchemeWorking in abroad is the best one for better career opportunities. For the pre eminent immigration destination Hong Kong would be the right one. Hong Kong has many employment opportunities and is has been consider as one of the tourist place. Every individual are anxious to migrate to Hong Kong for enhanced career.

With advanced facilities, growing economy, tolerant immigration policies and rewarding quality life Hong Kong is one of the significant cities to live and work. Hong Kong country encouragement to overseas skilled employees it immigrate to Hong Kong. It introduced a special scheme known as Hong Kong QMAS (quality migrant admission scheme). This scheme is introduced by the government to receive international tech talent. Under quality migrant admission scheme many individuals are interested to migrate.

QMAS Hong Kong:

QMAS (quality migrant admission scheme) Hong Kong is allowance based scheme which is intended for highly skilled overseas workers to migrate and work in Hong Kong in order to increase the country’s economy.  Under this scheme the applicants don’t require any job offer for settlement. All applicants must set fundamentals before applying for Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme visa.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Requirements:

Applicant age must be above eighteen years and must have enough funds to support themselves throughout their stay. He/she must not have any illegal records. Language proficiency must therefore applicant must choose either English or Chinese language. Candidate must have good education background and must gain standard tertiary or first degree from educational institution or university.

Individuals who meet all the requirements must go through general point test and achievement based points test. The minimum points required for the test is 80 points out of 165 points. Minimum pass points are required for Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme are subjected to change. Therefore the processing times varies depending on the individual profile.

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