Foreign Students Get Study Allowance in Denmark

Migrate and Study in DenmarkDenmark is a country which is well-known far and wide for its fine educational system, excellent modern facilities and knowledgeable teaching staff and faculty. Study in abroad destination has always been beneficial for your future career growth and for scaling up the ladder. Every year, a number of foreign students get the state-allocated study grant called SU. Earlier this count was 20, 800 in 2011 but in 2014, it increased to 30,221 which was almost 50%.

Study in Denmark will give an edge to international students in getting financial support over other countries like Sweden and Norway. The study allowance in Denmark amounts to 5,903 kroner per month. This extended support is very helpful and the main objective is to motivate foreign students continue to stay in the country even after the completion of their studies. More than 30,000 students from abroad have been extended this SU grant.

Who is eligible to get the SU ?

According to EU rules which came into force in February 2013, a non-Danish student who works a minimum of 10 hours weekly in Denmark can be eligible to get a full SU grant. This has lead to increased number of International students in Denmark, particularly from Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania. Over the years, the number of students availing the SU has increased. In 2011, only 341 EU nationals got the full SU. This number increased almost 13-times after two years to 4,647.

There was concern regarding the students who were not able to complete their studies in Denmark because they had to complete the obligatory ten hours of work.

Students who Immigrate to Denmark can gain a lot of benefit from the SU grant that this country is offering to overseas students. Also, studying in the top-notch universities here can help in building a bright future ahead which will build a good career for them.

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