France – The Most Desired Destination of Travelers

France - The Most Desired Destination of TravelersFrance offers wonderful vacation to millions of travelers every year. The Sky kissing Eiffel tower, Historical Museums, Gardens, and Amusement parks describe the architectural prowess and their love for fine arts and music.

Over 80 million people every year visit France to spend holidays. The attractive destinations, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and Disneyland Paris attract approximately seven million people. France has the tourism infrastructure to help travelers with the facilities for their short term stay.

A destination in France is not confined to any people, it attracts children, youngsters, scholars, honeymoon couple and people of all walks of life visit France.

Visiting France means that you have a wonderful opportunity to see new visual world which quite seems natural and gives opportunity to explore new things.

The France Immigration grants temporary visit visa to the foreign nationals who would love to visit its popular destinations.

Depending on your country of your origin, you may require visa or you may not require visa. If you are a citizen from Andorra, Switzerland or Monaco or any European Economic Area, you will not require any visa to enter France.

The Passport holders of these countries will not require three month tourist visa to travel France: Andorra, Argentina United Kingdom, Bermuda, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Chile, Brunei, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Holy See, Honduras, Israel, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Monaco, Paraguay, San Marino, Panama, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Uruguay, Venezuela, People’s Republic of China and United States.

The countries must apply for the three month Schengen visa to visit France: South Africa, India, Algeria, Philippines, Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan.

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