France EU Blue Card Requirements and Benefits

France EU Blue Card for Skilled ProfessionalsFrance is the second flourishing nation after Europe. There are various manufacturing and as well as industrial sectors in France such as Pharmaceuticals,  Vehicle Production, and telecommunications.

Recent searches have proved that many are immigrating to France there is a level of increase of migrants to France. As it is the country which provides an excellent opportunities for every Individual  it means career opportunities. As this would be a benefit to the France economy.

For this Immigration, French Government has established France EU Blue Card for the comfort of the Foreign Nationals into their country for the goal of the Employment. Therefore, in order to migrate, reside and also work in French  you need to acquire France EU Blue Card.

Benefits of France EU Blue Card:

  • France EU Blue Card is a European Union Blue Card system that allows highly Skilled Foreign Nationals to reside and work in France.
  • EU Blue Card is a permission for the Immigration which Foreign Nationals can also do to the  job in France. EU Blue Card has a validity of about only 2 years.
  • Family members also can accompany the individual who is residing  in France.
  • France EU Blue Card labels citizens of Other Countries to migrate under the Employment Programme.

Eligibility for the France EU Blue Card:

Foreign Nationals must acquire the following eligibility criteria in order to apply for EU Blue Card.

  • Must have a Master’s Degree
  • Five years of work Experience
  • Must acquire an Employment assessment and must  to gain  a pay of at least 1.5 times of an average large set of the reference year as per Immigration orders.
  • Must have one year of valid Employment Agreement.

Characteristics Features of France EU Blue Card:

  • Blue Card applicants are granted with the very short term of residency permit for 1 10 3 years can also be extended depending  on the agreement of job.
  • France EU Blue Card covers  for life term residential permit.

These are the salient features of  the France and its France EU Blue Card. Therefore, In order to migrate to job opportunities you can acquire France EU Blue Card.

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