France Investor Visa – All You Need To Know!

France Investor Visa- All You Need To Know!Do you want to Invest in France? There is one way to do it and that is ‘French Economic Residency’ Program! To acquire eligibility to this program, the individual should be an investor with superior high net-worth.
10 years of Permanent Residence is granted to the investors, who belong to Non- European countries, and are investing long-term in France’s ventures. The investors get some immunity as well:

  • The Investor need not be staying in France to apply for the French Economic Residency Program.
  • The Investor can receive permits within a period of two months of submitting the application.
  • The Investor can invest alone or with a partner in a custom investment form, or invest under the certified regulatory authorities.

Requirements to avail PR in France under the French Economic Residency Program:

  • Should invest in non-speculative segment with an investment worth 10 million in industrial or commercial assets, on long term basis. The investment should be 30 percent of the capital in any industry.
  • Should have a good standing with regard to residency, the people exempted from visa requirements for short term stay in France can also apply for this program.
  • Should not have any criminal background.

The Major Benefits of French Permanent Residence Permits are:
Permanent Residents in France can travel to 127 Schengen countries without any visa requirement.
Can enjoy access to free education and healthcare, equal to that of French nationals.
Your Residence permit will be valid for ten years, and dependents of the beneficiaries will be granted permanent residence without any major requirement.
Meanwhile, you can apply for French Citizenship as you become eligible to apply for the visa program with your three year stay in France.

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