Germany Job Seeker Visa—Perfect visa option to get your dream job

Germany Job Seeker VisaAlarmed by chronic skill shortages in almost every sector, the EU nation—Germany is presently in a mood to lure overseas skilled employees to possibly fill the available skill shortages in the country. The country is a flourishing nation with a number of emerging firms in varied sectors. The flexible working environment and high quality life with low cost living entice people to migrate and work in Germany. Every year, people from every nook and corner of the world move to Germany in seek of better job opportunities. However, being an overseas national they need to obtain Germany job seeker visa to seek a job.

What is Job Seeker Visa to Germany

 Germany Job seeker Visa is a proposal by the Federal Government to foster more skilled professionals from overseas nations to come to Germany. On 1 August 2012, this visa came into force for graduates holding a German or other recognized university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a German degree to reside and seek job in Germany.

Under this visa, individuals can enter and stay in Germany for a period up to six months and that too only for seeking a job. After attaining a job offer applicant should apply for work permit.

Requirements for Germany Job Seeker Visa,

Meet the below requirements in order to obtain Germany job seeker visa:

  • Hold a recognized degree from a German University or a foreign degree equivalent to German degree
  • Must have enough funds to survive in Germany during the initially six month-periods
  • Hold a travel and medical insurance
  • Having a prior work experience would be an added advantage for the applicants who are willing to seek a better job, but it is not mandatory

So, if you are planning to seek a job and work in Germany, then apply for Germany job seeker visa immediately.

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