Get Denmark Green Card to migrate and work in leading EU nation

Denmark Green CardWould you like to migrate to Denmark? Do you know which visa option you can choose? Well, this article gives you brief information on Denmark immigration visa.

Denmark is significantly recognized as a magical area bounded by lofty castles, lovely shorelines, Vikings, little mermaids and striking locations. The country is a standout among the most common destinations preferred by number of migrants throughout the world. Denmark’s remunerating personal satisfaction, low crime rate, sufficient employment opportunities, and liberal government lures people to migrate to Denmark for the purpose of employment. The government has initiated various visas to welcome immigrants, of various visa options the most preferred and well-known visa option is Denmark green card.

Why Denmark

•    Lack of skilled professionals in various occupations

•    World happiest country

•    Better Quality education system

•    Improved public services

•    Excellent tourist attractions

Denmark Greencard

This is a work and resident permit granted to overseas nationals for the purpose of seeking job and working in Denmark. Under the Denmark Greencard plan, a work and resident permit are granted by considering individual’s ability in Denmark Immigration Points Calculator scheme.

As of 1 January 2015, few amendments are made to the Denmark Greencard scheme which eases immigration process for both immigrants and students. A special version of Denmark Greencard came in to force for international students to reside and seek a job in Denmark after completing their studies. According to the new rules, under the new Greencard points calculator scheme point swill be awarded based on the three aspects such as

  • Education
  • Language proficiency and
  • Adaptability

Prospective immigrants need to score at least 100 points to obtain Denmark Greencard.

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