Get QMAS Visa under Hong Kong Skilled Immigration

HongKong-QMAS-Visa-2015Are you a skilled worker? Planning to work in Hong Kong? If yes, you need to undergo Hong Kong skilled immigration.

Hong Kong is deemed as a most desirable country and is surely one amongst world’s most vivid metropolises in the world. The nation is also renowned for flexible immigration policies, growing economy, quality life style, advanced facilities and others. It is an amazing port where goods from various parts of the world are brought in and transferred to other locations. Now-a-days, Hong Kong immigration has emerged as a trend for majority of skilled immigrants particularly from Asian nations like India. However, foreign individuals who want to migrate to Hong Kong should acquire a Hong Kong QMAS visa.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

This scheme is an entrant quota based scheme designed to lure overseas skilled individuals to migrate as well as undertake work in Hong Kong to boost the nation’s economic competitiveness in the global market. Potential candidates do not need a prior employment offer to migrate to Hong Kong.  People under this scheme can sponsor his or her partner or unmarried dependent children under 18 years to come to Hong Kong for joining them.

Requirements for Hong Kong QMAS

Prospective applicants should meet below requirements to attain Hong Kong QMAS visa.

  • Age must be minimum 18 years when applying for Hong Kong QMAS visa application
  • Adequate funds
  • Must meet character prerequisites
  • Proficient in written and spoken English and Chinese language
  • Good educational background, commonly a first degree from a standard university or tertiary educational institution

Besides meeting the above requirements, applicants must also go through points based system for successful Hong Kong immigration, in which they need to score minimum 80 points out of 195 in the general points based test and 0 or 195 points will be awarded in the Achievement-based Points Test.

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