Get Red White Red Card to migrate to Austria

Austria Red White Red CardPlanning to migrate to Austria? If yes, then you should know the requirements of Austria Immigration process. The Austrian government has launched a new Austria immigration plan entitled as Austria Red White Red Card. This card eases Austria immigration process to overseas nationals. The process of obtaining Austria red white red card can be succeeded only if applicant meets the criteria and requirements.

Austria Red White Red Card

Austria Immigration under Red White Red Card plan is deeded as the best decision. Austria RWR visa allows third party nationals and their family members to migrate to Austria and settle there for a certain period by taking employment offer by an employer in Austria, depending on the individual’s labor market needs. Initially, this card is granted for a period of 12 months.

Austria Red White Red Card Eligibility :

Overseas nationals who would like to migrate to Austria under Austria Red White Red Card must meet any of the below eligibility criteria such as:

  • Extremely skilled employees
  • Skilled workers in scarcity occupations
  • Other key employees
  • Student Graduates in Austrian colleges and schools
  • Self-Employed  key employees

Austria red white red card point’s system :

Austria red white red card is a point based system, where applicants need to secure minimum qualifications points under various aspects such as job offer, age, language skills, qualification and work experience. The minimum qualification points for Austria Red White Red Card, mostly depends on individuals eligibility criteria. For extremely skilled employees, minimum 70 points are required to qualify, for skilled workers in scarcity professions and other key employees should score at least 50 points to get qualified for Austria immigration. Student Graduates from Austrian universities or educational institutions, and other self-employed key employees do not need any points to migrate to Austria under red white card scheme.

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