Get South Africa Business Visit Visa to attend conferences and meetings

South Africa Business Visit VisaAre you planning travel to South Africa for short-term business purpose? Don’t know want to do? Well, you need to apply for a South Africa business visit visa in order to enter and stay in South Africa for certain period.

South Africa is one of the developed nations across the globe. And every year, a number of individuals from every nook and corner of world visit South Africa for varied reasons such as short-term business purpose, tourism, visiting friends and family members. Whatever be the purpose of your travel, you need to apply for South Africa visa to enter and reside in the county for a certain period of time. If applicants purpose of travel is related to business related activities, then they can apply for South Africa Business visit visa.

South Africa Business Visit Visa

This visa is granted for foreign nationals who would like to visit South Africa for business activities such as conferences, meetings, project related negotiations and others.

Requirements for South Africa Business Visit Visa

A foreign national need to meet below requirements in order to lodge application for South Africa business visit visa:

  • A valid travel document or passport
  • A completed Form BI-84
  • Payment of prescribed fee
  • Yellow-fever vaccination certificate
  • Statement and/or documentation related to purpose and duration of visit
  • Return itinerary tickets
  • Proof of enough funds

Individuals who are planning to visit South Africa for business related activities must meet the above requirements and file the application to travel to this nation.

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