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South Africa Critical Skills VisaAre you contemplating to migrate to South Africa? Do you know which visa would be an ideal option for South Africa immigration? Well, if you are unaware of the above queries you are at the right place to get an overview on and its visa options.

South Africa has carved a niche for itself among the list of top immigration destinations. The country has second largest and robust economy in the Africa. With the high standard of living, amazing quality life as well as ample employment opportunities, the country has become an abode for numerous individuals. Though the immigration laws are stringent, every year, a number of individuals from all over the globe showing their desire to migrate to this land; in seek of better career prospects.  This represents individual’s aspiration for South Africa immigration.

Why people prefer to migrate to South Africa

South Africa has its own specialty and uniqueness among other nations. The country’s specialty lies in its natural beauty. It is the best place for nature lovers. With 291 conservation parks, 20000 plant species, 299 mammal species, 858 Bird Species and 8 World heritage sites, the country has carved a special place across the planet.

If you ever wonder why so many individuals plan to migrate to South Africa here are the following answers for your query:

  • Striking locations
  • Economic hub of Africa
  • Tens of thousands visitors beds across the country
  • Multi cultural
  • Plethora job opportunities

However, to seek a job and work in South Africa, the best and ideal visa option for an overseas national is Critical Skills Visa.

What is Critical Skills Visa to South Africa?

The Accelerated & Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (ASGI-SA) is a comprehensive government proposal that was introduced to make sure the continuation of country’s vibrant economic growth. One of the major elements of this proposal is to hire the skilled foreigners in certain key skills entitled as Critical Skills. Any foreign individual who hold such skills can apply for South Africa critical skills visa.

In the most recent list, almost 35000 positions across 53 different categories are available. These positions must be filled by skilled foreigners who hold at least five years of experience in the respective field.  Apart from holding valid experience, individuals should also abide by certain requirements of South Africa critical skills visa.

So, live your dreams by obtaining Critical skills visa right now!

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