Get UK Tier 2 Employee Sponsored Visa To Work In UK

UK Tier 2 Employee Sponsored VisaUnited Kingdom is the vast nation forming a part of Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland. The country is most popular destination for individuals seeking better employment opportunities and high standard of living. The kingdom has emerged as a multinational hub for international individuals with various booming sectors. The Government of UK is welcoming overseas individuals to enter and work in the UK in order to boost the country’s economy. However, overseas nationals need to get a UK Tier 2 Visa in order to work in the UK.

Employment opportunities in UK

With the huge growth of economy, the UK has reportedly become a top destination across the globe. Though the procedure of obtaining UK Tier 2 Employee Visa or other UK visa is a bit lengthy and complex, the overseas people are showing interest to migrate and work in UK. And eventually, the number of applications for UK Tier 2 Employee Sponsored Visa is also increasing gradually.

Why overseas nationals should apply for UK Tier 2 Visa

The UK Tier 2 Visa system replaces the earlier UK Work Permit system. The UK Tier 2 Visa is granted to the overseas employees who are entering UK in order to fill the available job posts in the country, where there are no available skilled British citizens. However, in order to apply for UK Tier 2 Visa an overseas national must hold a confirmed sponsorship from a licensed employer in the UK.

Conversely, it is crucial that the UK employer should demonstrate that the business is genuine and there is an actual requirement for the intended role. Also, the sponsored employee should be suitably skilled or qualified to take up the vacant position, by meeting the basic eligibility for UK Tier 2 Sponsors visa and by getting through UK Tier 2 Visa points test successfully.

Categories of UK Tier 2 visas

The following are the four categories for UK Tier 2 Visa

  • Skilled Worker
  • Intra-Company Transfer
  • Sports People
  • Minister of Religion

However, to obtain the UK Tier 2 Employee Sponsored Visa individuals must have a valid job offer from the UK employer; on the other hand employer must hold an Employer Sponsorship License to sponsor an overseas employee to the UK.

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