Hong Kong a New Destination for Skilled Workers ! Apply for QMAS

Hong Kong is new Destination for Skilled Workers - apply for QMASHong Kong is a world-famous immigrant holiday destination that is well-known for natural harbor and towering skylines. Every year majority of foreign individuals flock to this top-notch province to come across the people representing the diverse cultures, ethnicities and traditions, well admired standard of living, attractive career and employment prospects, eye-catching tourist hotspots, resplendent landscapes, picturesque beaches, modern restaurants and many other.

An overseas national mulling on to migrate to Hong Kong must be aware of the upgraded visa norms of the country. Always be aware that even a single or minute flaw that you make in your visa process will result in reject of your application.

Hong Kong Immigration

With the flourishing economy Hong Kong aims at grabbing the attention of more number of overseas skilled workers to fill the positions where the country is currently experiencing the shortage and to surge its economy. Most overseas skilled workers who possess special skills and abilities prefer for Immigration to Hong Kong, as this well-developed prosperous nation proffers sizeable number of opportunities for business start-ups and students as well the freedom to support their dependent children or spouse.

For those who aspire to work in this vibrant cultured nation can make use of the diverse visa programs to immigrate to Hong Kong as a skilled immigrant. Out of many one of the most preferred and effective Hong Kong skilled immigration program that assists non-residents to relocate to this beautiful destination is Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

QMAS is a quota-based applicant scheme that has been put forth in the year 2006 with an intention to draw the attention of more number of overseas skilled workers. And this well-known Hong Kong QMAS is applicable for all skilled applicants and entrepreneurs who desire to reside in the country to start their new life by initiating new business. An overseas national willing to make use of this new program must meet the eligibility criteria of the country by scoring minimum points in the test to compete for quota allocation.

Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong skilled immigration

Following are the prerequisites that an overseas skilled worker must meet to immigrate successfully to their dream destination

Age: At the time of lodging the application he or she must be above 18 years

Financial requirement: All skilled individuals must possess minimum financial funds to support themselves during their stay

Character: Must not be under any criminal records and should hold the police clearance certificate stating that he or she has stayed in their native county for more than 12 month in past ten years

Language competency: Must be proficient enough to speak and write in English

Educational Qualification: Must hold good educational background with minimum of undergraduate degree from the recognized university of the country. If a potential individual does not possess any degree then an applicant who possess good technical skills and professional experience is permitted to immigrate to Hong Kong through this new scheme.

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