How to acquire Canada Work permit

canada-work-permit-visaIn recent times, working in overseas has become a dream for most of individuals. The benefits knock one’s door while working in abroad is in fact amazing. Thus, a number of individuals people draws towards working in overseas either for a mean time.

If you are also one among them, then Canada would be the best choice to work and reside either for a definite or indefinite period of time.

Why only Canada

The Maple Leaf nation is known for myriad high paid job opportunities and high standard of living. The country is in dire need of skilled professionals in various occupations. In a move to fill the available vacancies, the government of Canada has initiated various skilled programs or visa programs. And, Canada Work permit is one such visa program designed to welcome foreign skilled workers to work and reside in the country temporarily.

Canada work permit

This permit allows the skilled immigrants to work and reside in the country for a certain period or till the employment is intact. In order to get Canada work permit approval both employer and foreign worker need to below Canada Work permit requirements:

Requirements for employer

  • Should posses Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Employer may need to pay compliance fee and submit an Employment Offer form to CIC. If the foreign employee is excused from LMIA process, then his or her employer must before applicant apply for a work permit.

Requirements for applicant or foreign skilled worker

  • Willing  to depart the nation after the completion of employment contract
  • Enough funds
  • No crime records
  • Health requirements
  • A valid employment offer from Canadian employer

After abiding by the above requirements, one can lodge application for Canada Work permit.

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