How to get Denmark Work Permit ?

Denmark Work Permit Foreign nationals planning to work in Denmark have to acquire a residence and work permit for a duration exceeding three months. However in few cases foreign nationals are permitted to carry out work related activities such as teaching, participating in meetings, training and negotiations in the nation on a visa without possessing Denmark Work Permit and residence permit.

So, it is important to decide whether one needs a residence and work permit or merely a visa prior to the travel to Denmark due to the reason that if one has initially applied for a visa and afterwards realized that there is a necessity for a Denmark work and residence permit it is doubtful that the permitted stay of 90 days will be extended.

Denmark Work Permit Schemes

Highly qualified professionals can avail number of schemes to get Denmark residence and work permit in the nation.

Danish Green Card Scheme, Positive List, Pay Limit scheme, Corporate scheme are the various available schemes under which residence and work permit can be granted.

Denmark Work Permit Requirements

Denmark Work permit under Green card scheme will be granted upon meeting the following criteria

  • Must score a minimum of 100 points against the points test
  • Health insurance of an individual and family members covered by Danish National Health Insurance is needed.
  • Must be able to support oneself during first year of stay in the country.
  • Must not seek any assistance from the public during the stay in the country.

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