How to obtain EU Blue Card ?

EU Blue Card Features for GermanyAre you interested to live and work in Germany? Then, quickly apply for EU Blue card to turn your dream of migrating to Europe into reality. The EU Blue Card Scheme is outlined to draw highly qualified professionals from non-EU countries. All the EU (European Union) states, except the citizens of UK, Ireland and Denmark are not eligible for the EU Blue Card scheme.

Benefits of migration to Europe

Europe has rolled out to be one of the most admirable migration destinations because of aspects such as equality in working and salary conditions, chances for permanent residence, Freedom of association, socio-economic rights, probabilities for family reunification, etc. Because of all these aforesaid aspects, most aspirants are showing interest towards European migration.

EU Blue Card Requirements

The individuals who wish to migrate to Europe through EU Blue Card scheme must satisfy the requirements that are mentioned below.

  • The EU Blue Card applicant must be non-EU national
  • Must hold a valid job offer or contract for minimum one year
  • The applicants must hold master’s degree

Initially, the EU blue card is valid for a period of four years and if the binding contract is less than four years then the EU blue card will be valid only till the contract period plus three months. However, the validity period of EU blue card can be extended.

EU Blue Card Features

Dependents of the main applicants can work without any restriction in the Germany. It is not necessary to have knowledge on the German languages for spouses who wish to accompany the main applicant. The EU blue card holders of Germany can file for permanent residency after 33 months and if they have knowledge on German languages at level B1 then they can apply soon after 21 months.

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