How to immigrate to Denmark through Family Re-unification scheme?

Denmark Family ReunificationWant to accompany your family member who stays in Denmark? Well, immigration to Denmark is possible through Denmark Family re-Unification scheme. Denmark Family Re-unification is one of the best options for individuals who wish to accompany their family members who stay in the country.

If you are a close relative of an individual who stays in Denmark, you can apply for a residence permit through Denmark Family Re-unification scheme. Spouses, registered partners & cohabiting partners, children and other family members can Immigrate to Denmark on the grounds of Family Re-unification.

Requirements for Spouses, Registered / Cohabiting Partners to Migrate to Denmark

If your spouse or cohabiting partner reside in Denmark, you can immigrate to Denmark by applying a residence permit through Family Re-unification provided satisfying certain conditions.

  • Both partners must be equal to or over 24 years of age.
  • The applicant must qualify Danish as a second-language test not less than six months of being granted residence.
  • Spouse in Denmark must be capable of supporting themselves and their dependents.
  •  If your spouse is not a Danish/Nordic citizen, then he/she must hold a Danish residence permit on asylum status or hold a non-temporary Danish residence permit for the past three years or more.

Requirements for children to Immigrate to Denmark

If you are an overseas national under 18 years of age and your parents live permanently in Denmark, you can apply for a residence permit if you meet certain conditions. Depending on the age and whether he/she is applying for Denmark Family Re-unification with his/her biological or adopted or foster parents, the requirements are subjected to change.

Successful applicants can work in the nation upon immigration to Denmark. You will be granted with a temporary residence permit on the grounds of Family Re-unification, but you can apply for an extension provided satisfying certain conditions. You can also apply for permanent residence permit if you stay over number of years in the country. However, you need to meet certain conditions.

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