Immigration Process and Opportunities in Hong Kong

Immigration to Hong KongHong Kong offers simple migration policies to attract immigrants. Migrants are allowed to immigrate to Hong Kong without any prior offer of employment. An applicant must meet all requirements for moving to Hong Kong and can find work after being allowed to work in country.

Hong Kong QMAS ( Quality Migrant Admission Scheme ) is a quota based system which aims to attract talented persons of different sectors to settle in Hong Kong. In this scheme applicant need to meet some requirements and pass points test either achievement or general. Applicant can also bring children ore spouse under eighteen to Hong Kong.

First the applicant must get approval in principal letter given for interview in Hong Kong. Highest score applications are selected for selection exercise by the department of Hong Kong immigration within a quarterly quota.

Opportunities in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is the leading financial centre of Asia and it is also top sources of outward direct foreign investment in Asia. Trading supporting and logistics such as inspection and product testing, mediation and arbitration, trade finance documentation and insurance.


All candidates must satisfy following requirements:

  • Educational qualification
  • Language proficiency
  • Sufficient funds
  • Good character
  • Age

Point based test:

In addition to meeting all requirements candidates have to pass any one of the points based on Achievement points based test or general points based test.

The general point based test is based on Family ground, Age, Academic qualification, Language proficiency, Work experience. The minimum pass mark for general points test is 80 points out of 165.

The achievement based points test is for those who made a important contribution to their fund. Applicants who have won national/state/international awards. Therefore points awarded for achievement based points test is 165 or 0.

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