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HongKong QMAS VisaHong Kong is one of the busiest and largest business centre in the world. Every year thousands of people migrate to Hong Kong either for business or any other work. This country is known for sophisticated and natural beauty landscape.

This country is one of the leading nations in Asia. It offers number of opportunities for migrants to different sectors such as banking and insurance, telecom, information technology and investment banking. In order to work in Hong Kong people should apply for Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme visa. Therefore this visa allows internationals to work and live in Hong Kong. This visa is granted for certain period of time.

QMAS requirements:

  • Applicant age should be above 18
  • Sufficient funds
  • Must have good educational background from standard university
  • Language proficiency in English or Chinese

Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme visa is a quota based scheme that follows point based system to entice and seek best talented applicants who are new corners are not permitted to enter and work in Hong Kong in order to develop country’s economy. Therefore applicants needn’t require any job offer in Hong Kong to enter to that country. However applicants need to meet the Hong Kong QMAS requirements and must qualify the achievement based point test or general point test.

For general point test the applicant must score at least eighty points out of 165 points. Whereas for achievement based point test 165 or zero points will be awarded.

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